walking exhibition

Saturday, 3 December 2016 at 14:00–16:00, London, UK

Walking exhibition performance is the first action of art group FLOATING artLAND. We are bringing art to the people, on the streets, because this is THE RIGHT relationship – this time we are coming to them, next time they will come to us.

Our Walking Exhibition moved from Liverpool Street Station, through to Spitafields Market, around Bricklane and ended in Whitchapel.

First artists were Indra Gavenaite & Marcelo Rodriguez

We are breaking the boundaries of the galleries, opening the doors of the streets into a walking exhibition.

We don’t need a gallery, WE CAN BE the gallery ourselves. The spectators are the public, idly passing by. They will find themselves being a spectator without even noticing. Like a street art, that moves around.

We also have another earthly problem: affordable housing and art spaces in London. This problem doesn’t stop us to make and showcase art. We want to highlight that organising art events is NOT ONLY for the elite, rich or famous people.

ART should be free of the boundaries as fame, money, race, sexual orientation or status is in society. It’s free human expression and shouldn’t be priced only by a small group’s appreciation.


Thanks Edgaras Anisimenko for the pictures