Interactive Photography, Story Telling and Memories’ Project ‘Randomness of Life’ at Grow in Hackney Wick Thursday 20 April 2017

Life is full of surprises, adventures and random events. Sometimes we just go with the flow. Sometimes we are fighting to be somewhere, but destiny deciding to put us in different places and circumstances. Sometimes we wake up surprised about what’s going on around. There are lots of random events and happenings. The most important thing is to notice it and enjoy it – those curious accidents.

In this project we wanted to talk exactly about these memories, recorded with a photo camera. It lets to look at events in a different view, gives a smile and inspires to be humorous, look for more adventurous and crazy randomness.

Through the evening Floating Artland team projected collection of random photo stories, supported by shamanic theatrical performance and talented rising live electronic music artists.

Agenda looked like that:

7pm – Exhibition starts
7.30pm Bridge Live electronic performance
8pm – Tinarp Live experimental improvisational ghetto synth acid house
9pm – Theatre-performance about memories and nostalgia by Floating Artland collective
9.30pm-11pm Fluid Cubo live + Antonio Castriotta & Alex Chunet
The new homie project with Fluid Cubo , Alex Chunet (Trumpet) and Antonio Castriotta on Sax. 


Randomness of Life exhibition Stories on Scribd


Video Projections at the evening:

Projection for the performance

Randomness of life compilation projection