‘Don’t Give A Fuck’ Workshop 6pm 7 January 2017 at Craftory Community Centre, East London 

The point is, most of us struggle throughout our lives by giving too many fucks in situations where fucks do not deserve to be given.

Our practical ‘Don’t give a fuck’ workshop was designed to give an immediate revelation of stop giving a fuck and instantly rewards a worried soul by ‘zero fucks given’ inner peace…and an applause from fellow peers.

I PART – Group therapy of not giving a fuck
Silent personal ‘too much fucks given’ expression and loud ‘I don’t give a fuck’ yoga.
Encourage everyone to express their emotions about what they are giving a fuck about too much, but they shouldn’t. The goal is to provide perfect environment for expression and bond with each other. Bring beer, it’s going to be emotional.

2min. stand-up performance with a video bridge from Indonesia included.

II PART – Getting personal
Using material from Ist part to tackle fucks given ONE BY ONE.

Food for thought:
Why its important Not to give a fuck.
+what kind of things you dont wan’t to give a fuck about?
+how you dont want to give a fuck
+ how it will benefit the whole world not to give a fuck about it

Do not pay too much attention about unnecessary things.
+little details about the stuff that nobody notice.
+stuff which doesn’t deserve to be worried about

What happens when people don’t give a fuck and you don’t give a fuck because of them not giving a fuck
+examples why you don’t give a fuck. The result.
+When you want people give/not a fuck, but they don’t.
+what is the difference between respect and not giving a fuck

Are there stuff you should give a fuck about?

Place provided by creative team at Craftory workshop
1 Wythes Road
London, United Kingdom