Floating Artland Collective installation and performance for Rock in Bourlon festival

floating artland unicorn
We invited everybody to create, communicate and share at Rock In Bourlon Festival in France. We built the sculpture ourselves by improvisation at the time of the festival.


Here we believed in magic of the moment and tried to improvise. We brought our ideas, energy and materials but for the island to be completed we needed the festival and specially the public. The task for the public was to decide what the island needs the most and what it can not function without. Only when it is completed it could be ready to depart. It will depart to float around the world and spread the art. Found objects and provided art materials such as markers, clippers and paint could be used and the festival was happy to participate. There was lots of special creation and unexpected curious moments in the art process. The structure itself is definitely alive art island and it has changed its guise on the way to the festival. Initially and according a plan it supposed to be a dragon but it revolted and turned out to be unicorn. Unicorn from local fields of Bourlon in the hands of Floating Artland.

With free spirit of the rock music the unicorn had also departed independently in its own way.


Thank you, Edgaras Anisimenko for the video