floating artland walking exhibition 3

Marcelo Rodriguez

“My art is a trance of colours and shapes, very influenced by Latin American contemporary painters and Andean textile colour, composition and settings.

They involve narrative in a metaphysical dimension in which fast moves and frozen frames coexisting in combined balance.

Such a relation of shapes and colours create multi dimensional-surreal escapes. Stories that want to exist, characters that want to live and maybe reflect my inner fears or joys.

My last works where an approach to abstract painting but the inner narrative still persist on appearing as one of the main subjective components of my art. colours are the atmosphere

I like to experiment with colours I think as a form of visual heritage I got from the colourful culture I grow up with in Bolivia where the variety on textiles, land escapes and people gives a intense share of colour to the world.

For more works of Marcelo please visit  marcelorodriguez.crevado.com

Indra Gavenaite

Art critic and various media artist. Favourite fields are ink drawings and illustrations. Stories telling in pictures, sometimes from daily life, sometimes from the imagination. With sarcasm and humour. At Floating Artland Indra coordinator of cultural events and explorer other expression forms – including performance, assemblage and ready made art. Art being her the biggest passion Indra is also one of the founder of the group.
For more works of Indra please visit indragavenaite.crevado.com

teresa bartaseviciute floating artland

Teresa Bartaseviciute

One of Floating Artland Collective founding members, Teresa has been attending Kedainiai Art School for 6 years in her teens, where she learnt theory and practise around drawing, painting, composition and art history.
Even thought in professional life chosen profession has been marketing, as she describes it ‘where art meets capitalism’, love for art always has been infinite.
Teresa strongly believes that everyone is an artist and try to manifest it through creating interactive immersive performances and events. Main inspiration – Marina Abramovich.
Her part at Floating Artland Collective is conceptual ideas’ creation, implementation and events’ promotion.

julius liagas Julius Liagas

Multifunctional artist. Lives from technical arts as carpentry and on free time creates performances. Julius is also skulls collector and sympathizer of dark arts.



fabiolaFabiola Retamozo

Lives and works in the UK.
Graduated in 2008 from the Interior Design Institute in London and also graduated from Fine Art at The Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design in 2015.
Fabiola’s practice focuses on sketching, painting sculpture, Installation and collaborative art. Line and space are his main subjects.

For more information http://www.fabiolaretamozo.com/






luis fabrizioLuis Fabrizio Garcia Rios

Time is art. With our strokes, dreams, creativity and rituals we can and we are changing the spaces and matter within the noosphera-pacha. Connecting and walking common feelings through waves, dance, simple shapes, and basic colours reclaiming the public space.
Luis Fabrizio Garcia
Estudied architecture and explored arts such as dance, painting, music.
Experimented to draw the light dancing using computer animations.


edgaras anisimenko

Edgaras Anisimenko

London based hobbyist photographer. Mostly taking pictures of nature (landscapes, macro etc.), does event photography and a studio flash photography which sometimes is on location. The photography journey have started when he was 16 years old and it never stopped. It evolved from casual nature shots and conceptual work to more travel photography orientated, which is favourite of them all. Edgaras always tries to capture nature the way he sees, which leads to more dramatic, saturated images.


Online portfolio https://mentos18.deviantart.com/gallery/