I don’t know what else here to say
My words would echo back anyway
Silence and Loudness
Together around me
My hand come together
Trying to find them
They find this case of a silence
That follows and whispers the guidance
I will choose to be the saint and the martyr
Listening this silence and loudness
With my cave all around me
On the streets, by the rivers and dreams
Going crazy
Please adore me
My saintness
The whispers of silence
My sacrifice here to listen
Listen and whisper
Back to the cave
Made of rocks
That makes me invisible
When I walk between people
Please adore…
My saintness
I walk in this cave
I walk with this cave
The silence
And saintness
Somebody has told me
– Its saintness
Come here to listen
In this cave of the rocks and of saintness
Of silence
I want it to come to your days and the dreams
Somebody have told me – its saintness


Indra Gavenaite