This time we want to share some pictures from the making of a visual installation produced by the Floating  Artland towards the event  we co-hosting at Grow Hackney  the coming 5 of April 2018.

Kiski 1 2

Artist Indra Gavenaite  is directing this  visual installation that will bring to life  a character that resembles in part a totem and also a mitical creature, who appears… and cohexist with us.

Kiski 3

Not everybody can see this being so clear, even if is actually  passing in front our own eyes, like a magic and rater enigmatic presence.

This is a misterius journey into the transcendental.

kiski 21

“Transcendental Journey” will be presented together with other projections that have been produced  by  the Floating Artland Collective the past year, a litle retrospective into a big celebration of arts from our collective.