A sophisticated racoon in the floating sunset  is a experimental-ghotic-blues-rock-and-roll-avant garden-grounch-retro-cumbia-shit core-metal band based in London that includes poetry, contemporary performance , spoken word and theatre in its presentations.

Basically is the new project of the floating Artland collective created towards the celebration of our first year-on action,  the coming 5 of april at the Grow in Hakney.

It will be te second time we performing as a collective in this amazing venue which is just perfect for a  Floting Artland style-action, and it will be the first presentations of A sophisticated racoon in the floating sunset band to the public.

So we are ensuring that your ears and your eyes and all the senses you can use and feel will be delighted with the Racoons performance, and also it looks like in the future is going to give a lot to say and enjoy, long life to the Racoons!