Jaime Hoyos introduces and represents himself and his origami art at his house at Barking road:

‘Hi, to those of you who do not know me, let me introduce myself, I am Peter and my name is Jaime; to those of you who already know me, good news, I am still the same.
As some of you already know, and the new ones will learn, I come from a very far place,
beyond the human being. This intrigues me and urges me to look for my origin. It must be written somewhere, it may be in some piece of paper, some hidden object must have the clue…’
This time, I want to explore where I come from through origami, (the art of folding paper),
to look for that door I had come through to reach this beautiful planet.’

As Pablo Neruda, Nobel laureate for literature have said: ‘We were naked. All of us came from the same site. All of us came of man and of woman. All of us had hunger and ready teeth. To all us grew the hands and the eyes for work and desire of what exists.’

Vulva is that door; please accompany me to explore the pain and joy that door has
experienced through human history for us to be here…

Jaime sometimes Pedro
53B Barking Road, Upton Park, E6 1PY. Please press the buzzer at the door next to the fruit and veg display and we’ll let you in.

Opening times 4 – 8pm on 28th of October