Lizia Woolf is representing unique and very personal exhibition. Visitors have the opportunity to experience artist’s journey from art to activism. It is ongoing history how artist became aware about women rights, political and environmental issues, how she have joined voluntary and activist groups. Artist’s story is expressed through knitting, crochet and macrame.

Born in Malaysia and raised in London, her cultural identity is constantly shifting. History, art and culture are intrinsically linked and there is much to be explored in the intersections.
She is inspired by the humble who let anything but words speak for itself, seeking to tread the line between paying homage to tradition and chasing the cutting edge of the future.
Learning is an adventure and one that never ends. She is currently exploring her physical and spiritual world through yarn and her work features techniques such as crochet and macramé.
Lizia desires to reflect her internal environment in her external surroundings.
“I am a work in progress.
Aren’t you?”







Lizia at a crochet class in Nepal as part of the Livelihoods placement she participated in.



53B Barking Road, Upton Park, E6 1PY. Please press the buzzer at the door next to the fruit and veg display and we’ll let you in.

Opening times 2 – 8 pm on 28th October.