Indra Gavenaite is active member and co-funder of Floating Artland Collective. She will be opening her home space used for living and art creation for the public. It is the space where her art work has been born in the last one year. Ink drawings and illustrations will be represented for this special event.

The art is meditation, self release, healing, another mean of the communication. Because sometimes some things can not be expressed by words. Words are not sufficient, sometimes they are too rough and they are not enough.

The art is also the diary. The moments and the characters are improvised and recorded as they are seen and felt by the artist. It is personal but at the same time it is open dialogue with everyone. The artwork is successful when it raises more interpretations and people perceive new ideas.

Even the ones that the artist hadn’t thought before.

In some or another way the style of artistic expression is build on experience and cultural background. The most influential year in life is the childhood, although the collective memory is being built constantly through the life. For Indra the most of the influences comes from Lithuania as a childhood country, then the travels to various countries in Europe, South America and Asia, subcultures and now London as an adopted home city.

Come to visit at 14 Chesterton Road, E13 8BA from 12pm to 5pm on 28th of October