The idea of Open Houses event is relatively well known and it is quite well developed in some neighbourhoods. For example Brighton is one of the biggest host of such an event and offering work from over 1,200 artists, exhibiting in more than 180 venues across the city, Hove and beyond.

Most boroughs of London also host open artist’ houses events. It becomes an art festival for neighbourhoods, attracts many visitors, artists and brings liveliness. These art festivals explore unique local character and give possibility for the artists to show up.

 Floating Artland Collective is inviting artists from Plaistow South, Plaistow North, Boleyn and Green Street West to be part of Central Newham Artists’ Open Houses event. Event will be on 28th of October

Our goals are to connect neighbourhoods, start communication between local community and research artistic profile of this particular place in Newham.

central newham open houses


For some artists it is the only possibility to be seen as very often galleries are unaffordable. It might be encouragement to keep being creative and share their ideas. It also gives a unique chance to glance into the intimate space of an artist. The space where the artwork is born, the space which inspires creativity. Studio or home are sacred places and is itself an art piece.

Floating Artland Collective breaks the boundaries of classical galleries and believes that art exposition can be extended to unexpected and experimental spaces. Opening private spaces recalls this concept. Let’s make homes and studios art galleries for couple of days. Everyone can become the artist. Participation at this project could be brilliant opportunity to meet local community and share the ideas.

It will be a naturally developing project as we believe the positive impact is inevitable. By knowing the neighbours community of Newham will be stronger, it could lead to more artistic actions, it will attract visitors and will represent the borough in an original way.

How it will be represented depends on who will participate. This is an opportunity to be Newham ambassadors and be a part of an interesting research project about Central Plaistow‘s artistic face.

As this is the first time such a project will be happening in Newham, we are very curious to see this artistic representation. The event also will be part of Newham Heritage Week festival, happening last week of October 2017. Open houses project will be introduced with an exhibition on 13th – 27th  of October at Plaistow library with the special opening event.

Artistic expression is one of the most important parts of our heritage and an open houses project allow you to meet diverse local culture directly.

Get in touch at or if you wish to participate! Please send us a brief description and some images of your work.