Video Challenge

Floating Artland Collective launched video challenge: Rules for the short video are discussed and decided each 1-2 weeks and anyone interested can participate.

  1. Open theme. Everyone reflected on C-19 lockdown.
Time Passage by Indra Gavenaite
La Cura by Fabiola Retamozo
Buddha Games By Marcelo Rodriguez
Mesmerism by Savita Franklin

2. Parallel Realities theme

Whiskey is new Sepia by Marcelo Rodriguez
Parallel Reality by Indra Gavenaite
Parallel Reality by Fabiola Retamozo
Honey I am Home by Savita Franklin

3. Immortality

Ahamkara by Savita Franklin
Everyone wants to be immortal by Indra Gavenaite
Mrs Beetle’s Eternal Life by Fabiola Retamozo
Sleepless Dream by Marcelo Rodriguez

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