Life is full of surprises, adventures and random events. That’s why the life is magic – you have to discover it little by little, challenge it, enjoy and learn. People make some decisions in their life, but the consequences of these decisions are usually not known. Sometimes people just go with the flow. Sometimes people are fighting to be somewhere, but destiny deciding for them to be in different places and circumstances. Sometimes people wake up surprised about what’s going on around. There are lots of random events and happenings. The most important thing is to notice it and enjoy it – curious accidents. Even if sometimes it doesn’t look very positive, after sometimes it is very laughable. In this project we want to talk exactly about these memories, recorded with a photo camera. It lets to look at events in different view, gives a smile and inspires to be humorous, look for more adventurous and crazy randomness. It is not only representation of the picture, we also express our thoughts about it, reflect our feelings throughout the story telling. The pictures are chosen freely and independently by separate artist and the stories are free styled, letting the artists to express themselves without restrictions.

…If there is no lights in the new house we will mange some how to deal with it.
That is not the worst at all.
Just imagine that there is no toilet bawl?…that is a big problem!…
…Lets just take this one from here,
the one that is really familiar to us…with all the memory intact.
It happened one day to appear and live In Berlin. In Kreuzberg. In a house project. In one room. The guest room. Theatre of the reality. I dear to believe that I wasn’t the only one believing it was a theatre room. People come and go. People come and perform their role. They tell their story, show up, people getting involved into discussion with each other, making friends, drinking beer, smoking, planing the life, living and sleeping side by side to each other. It is travellers shelter, temporary home for lost and crazy, another adventure in the travel and the last hope for others. It is improvisation room for the theatre of life. The most amazing fact is that all these people end up here randomly. Well…you can plan to come here, but you don’t know who you going to meet here. But when you meet up, then you will have to improvise life, you will have to be friend, you will have to chat and be tolerant. You will have to, because there is something in common why had you ended up in the guest room. You will have to share this little space for sleep, food and air. Until you or your destiny decides your next step of your journey. The journey of life, of random places and people who could become your best friends.
Random as it looks. What do I do here? Do I look good? Happy? As a cave-woman who is lost somewhere in urban labyrinth. Somewhere in the hole. Would you say that it looks dark, gloomy, rough and alien? I still would say that it is a happy story. I would say that I had had happy adventures here. One might say – it is no fun at all. But who cares? The best days used to be when I have travelled….and the most exciting was not to know what and who I am going to meet tomorrow, where I am going to sleep this night. And all the world used to be my home. Adventures can not be planned. Otherwise, who would plan not to sleep for two days, hitch-hike and jump the trains, on the way to North Italy. And besides other uncountable adventures, in this presented segment of the journey I had some wine in the park outside the station. Met there some funny dodgy people. One of them said he knows how to count till eleven in English and he couldn’t stop doing it. And maybe tiredness didn’t let me and my friend to understand if they had been really dodgy and if one of them had been kind of beaten up. And when we really needed to rest, for the bed time – we changed to the pyjamas and made the bed in one of the corners of the same station. And only in the morning/after some rest realized that it was a corner of pornography magazines. What a randomness to end up sleeping in secluded corner of porno magazines…
Ahhh…I had forgot the name of this town. Somewhere on the way to Venice. What a good times… I feel nostalgic. And I am being absolutely serious about it, no sarcasm at all.

And is always when we see the world extended,
when we see the future in a crystal ball.

Occupying empty houses and opening the windows of the horizon,
taking our place in the world.
calling for the seas and the wind,
which one will be our next home?

There it comes the Lord, with the park benches for sleeping on the backpack,
whit his transformations and far away destinations,
a defiant laugh, a strait question like a bullet,
a simple strength to deal with the limits of human society,
a simple step in a long street, in the long highway, in the long full of benches world.
You make them do a silly thing as you
monkey see monkey do,
defiant laugh on the local faces,
you stay in our room,
if I wake you up in the night,
you will think you are still on the bench, travelling across the universe.
You will defend your bench and the right to be anywhere.
You play with fire.
because its cold
and because its before the danger.

450,000 years. This is how old skeleton was found in a small village in Tautavel in South East France. However, we went there not for an archaeological discoveries, but to join hundreds of nomads camping by the river Verdouble for the season of ventage, or in English, grape picking.
2012 it was.We proudly elected our tents in some bushes straight by the river. Atmosphere in the camp was joyous: it’s so much fun, we will find job, will support our beloved wine industry, and will travel with our cash.Yeah, right. Exactly the same thoughts of hundreds of hippies, who had better skills than ours – French or Spanish languages. None of us Eastern Europeans got any job for weeks, but somehow days came and went by unnoticed. At the end bottle of local wine cost only €1, and there never had been an absence of company to drink it with. Somebody told us gossips, that if we come at 5am every morning in the main square of Tautavel, farmers, who needs extra workers, will pick us up.

5am. The same story. The Square full of hippies, and farmer
maybe coming and picking up one or two people. We got a brilliant idea – WE HAVE TO STAND OUT. Three of us hitch-hiked to the even smaller village near by and went for vintage shopping – we decided we must find traditional linen dresses and dress up as 18th Century vine pickers. Who could not hire us in this way???? 5am full of hope we wait in the main square. No farmers. Next day 5am we wait in the main square. No luck. Decided not to loose hope but hitch-hike around near by villages and ask for job. Still dressed up as 18th century grape pickers. We stopped an English man, who said he owns a vineyard and would be happy to employ us for the whole month, but the job would start in 2 weeks. Guess if we got that job at the end.…
Somehow I came across Business Insider article about their journalist social experiment in becoming instagram star. The dude hired professional photographers, stylists and rented some funky clothes, plus a bot to post stupid comments and like other people pictures. I am coming from marketing background and thought – brilliant idea! I will invite my photographer friend to join and we will have fun and see sponsorship deals flowing in and forget about hard working ever again.
Ekaterina also joined in and somehow we ended up doing this.
Follow our experiment on instagram: @we_used_to_care
This photo is one of my random life events when I have got invited to this Bolivian independence day party. I haven’t planned anything, just went dressed casually to meet up friends. It appeared, I got into this fancy dressed ball. So, I was one of the few non – Bolivians and, I guess, the only one with tattoos and not wearing a suit. So, everybody was asking me, who I was. I told everyone, that I have got invited by a friend, because I am from famous death metal band. Everybody believed and were even taking photos and
with me. It was awesome party and I have met few awesome people there as well.
That day i went to the rave to meet the love of my life. I was waiting fo
r her all my life, dreaming about her everyday, was hoping she will hear my dj set, planned, specially for her, so she can see my dream and feel the agony im feeling when she is away.
That day i made a mistake. I was raven away by those crazy people in a forest and fell asleep while charging my phone under this dj booth..i fell asleep while she was lost in a dark fields of epping forest, looking for me and lurking in a dark, while i was out, under the fucking table!!!
I had a dream while i was asleep: Im having a dream that it is a beautifull day, and Im waiting for my love in a forest party, playing dj set to her so she can feel what i feel, she needs to find the way in a dark forest, so i need to keep my phone awake.
Im falling asleep, im having a dream. She is looking for me and im falling asleep..
Carpet hand cleaning service. It is really helps to calm down and chill out. Instead of yoga and meditation.

There were four of us having good time in Lancaster while visiting friend. On the way home by bus we were drawing on wet windows and suddenly one teenage boy came to the front window and drew a penis on it and then he went away. After seconds he came back to continue his drawing saying: “I forgot to draw pubic hair”. Those teens..
This is the letter I left for roommate:
Hello, I am sorry that I took your envelope. But I saw a spider walking and got into panic. I took the nearest thing within my sight. I didn’t dare to pick up this envelope afterwards. The spider must still be under…”
Taken at Grow, Hackney on 7 July 2016 at ‘Marie Brenneis Presents an evening of DADA fun’. Giordanna Greaves story
In photo: Marie Brenneis, Mai Nguyen Tri & Jordanna Greaves
da da da 
ich lieb dich nicht du liebst mich nicht aha aha aha
what you don’t know is I have a pot plant on my head.

e were meeting for tea not suspecting a big shoe… it then turned into a photo shoot.. Contrasting styles and images
Random adjustments”. Mila Trezkova story
Me and my friend Alar decided to come up on to the roof of friends squat to do train watching. we did that for a while and smoked some tobacco. I had the copy of the top what Michael Jackson was wearing in Scream video, it looked like alien skin, and Alar looked Nosferatu like and there was lots of diagonal lines all falling in random right places and I took this picture. then we watched trains a bit more and left. this roof doesn’t exist anymore.  
Random bike accident bruise appreciation”. Mila Trezkova story

I had bike accident and then looked at my legs under the blanket where light had just fallen so tender and created this soft color. Tony noticed that bruises look like floating islands or galaxies on pale skin, so this picture happened. since then I’ve learned how to ride a bike without falling off that often. or maybe i just lost fear.  
Random prats”. Mila Trezkova photo
we lived in squat in angel, nelson terrace. outside our house i found broken laptop screen and took it apart. the discovery of many layers inside the screen made all of us very happy, we laughed a lot about virtual reality and we started to play around
The day was dark but the company quite pleasant. Walking by a random place on the outskirts of London. Just found a branches/hay stack and this lovely fungus-like “plants” laying on the top of it
One of my favourite short stories is ‘Axolotl’ by Julio Cortázar. In this story a man becomes obsessed with an axolotl in an aquarium, staring into its eyes through the glass every day, until the perspective switches and he becomes the axolotl. I stumbled across this doughy axolotl on my way to work, with salami kisses, and I just can’t stop staring into those olive eyes.
I went for 11 month EU volunteering project in Turkey. This photo shows exactly how different I was looking at the time between locals. There was no possibility to walk freely without nobody noticing me. 100 percent attention from men and women. Everybody are looking. Everybody wants something. At the beginning I liked it. I felt like superstar or goddess for the first time in my life. Of course, very soon I felt – it’s too much attention for me. Still, to wear head kerchief or burqa when weather temperature is 40 degrees was not for me. I am from north Europe, I wasn’t used to it and it wasn’t good idea for me at all. And until I have learned some Turkish I had to face challenges of communication with many people who completely didn’t understand me. There not so many people understood English, but everybody wanted something from me. And it seemed that they didn’t really wanted to try understand me, when I say NO
. Anyway, as soon as I have learned all bad words – life became much better.
For example: ‘Hello beauty, Queen of my life, Angelina Jolie, Butterfly, Princess….and so on, depends of wide fantasy of the people. It wasn’t arousing any emotions to me any more. Also everything used to stop pretty fast with 
‘hasiktir/siktirgit‘(fuck off).
Miracle! I have never thought that bad words can help me so much!!!
I felt so rude by sending every second man far away, but it was the only way to breath. 🙂 Funny, when I came back to Lithuania after the project and nobody was looking at me on the street any more I was feeling that something is wrong with me.
Burning matches in the room”. Silvestras Kobernikas story
This is one my favourite pictures I have taken. It’s aftermath was quite stressful. After the shot my room mate woke up and told me that I need to move out, it’s because I was burning matches in the room. Considering that my room mate was smoking in the room, and it was happening constantly. It was just a beginning, because after a short glimpse into the phone I realized that I’m late to work. So the argument wasn’t settled. I just said “
yeah OK, I will move out tonight
“. I went to work. I was like two hours late and guess what, – I almost lost my job that night. But when I told the story, the manager told me: “
I hope it won’t happen again
“. Well, it’s nice that everything ended up well in the morning. I found a place to live, and after few weeks I got a promotion.
Janani Shankar story
This photo was taken around Christmas time in 2014. I was on a trip to Asia with my mom and her boyfriend, we were in Cambodia at the time. I wanted to go out in the town to go dancing so we found a nightclub. The one thing I remember about the nightclub was the bright red light that was vibrant throughout both floors of the place. I started dancing with a random group of Cambodian people who didn’t speak too much English. My mom and her boyfriend ended up going back to the hotel and I stayed out with these people. In the city we were staying in, almost everybody drives motorcycles everywhere. They invited me to go to another club with them, so I rode on the back of one of the girl’s brother’s motorcycles and we all rode out. Once you left the town, there were just miles and miles of darkness and fields and nothing, aside from the occasional house or building here and there. After a few stops, we reached the next club we were going to. The building was massive. We went inside and there were bright, colorful lights shooting out from everywhere and the place was packed. They have a weird thing out there where someone will just start screaming out of nowhere on the dance floor and everyone else will join in. I stayed out and danced with them for a while. The girl on the right in the picture is one of the girls I was with at the club. When we left there, I got back on the motorcycle with the girl’s brother and we drove out for miles into the darkness. It was really beautiful and peaceful. I remember, he kept turning back while he was driving and asking if I was scared yet? I told him no, I wanted to keep going. He eventually dropped me back to the hotel. 

Dumpster monster”. London, 2017. Egle Ivanauskaite story
We went for dumpster diving together with my friend. He just jumped into the skip and after some moments surprised me by peeking out as a monster. It was so unexpected, so I had to take a picture.
My friend enjoyed so much this finding and his new character that he stayed in the skip for some time. He was waiting for passers by….just peeking out and saying –