Floating Artland Collective breaks the boundaries of classical galleries and believes that art exposition could be extended to unexpected and experimental spaces. Opening private spaces recalls this concept. Let’s make homes and studios art gallery for couple of days. Everyone could be the artist and by participating in this project one has chance to talk about itself and meet likewise thinking people. It can be shown that art is not defined only the name of museum or gallery.

Floating Artland Collective was inviting artists from Plaistow South, Plaitow North, Boley and Green Street West to be part of this unique event. Our goals were to connect neighbourhoods, start communication between local community, research artistic profile of this particular place in Newham. It was be naturally developing project as we believe the positive impact is inevitable. It led for more artistic actions, it atracted visitors and represented borough in original way. How it was represented depended on who participated. So it also an opportunity to be Newham ambasadors and it was very interesting research project about Central Plaistow artistic face. As this is the first time such a project happened in Newham, we were very curious to see this artistic representation. The event also was part of heritage week fetival. Artistic expression was one of the most important part of heritage and open houses project led to meet diverse local culture directly.

Participants of the Open Studios:

Jayme Hoyos

Jaime Hoyos introduces and represents himself and his origami art at his house at Barking road:
I am Peter and my name is Jaime; to those of you who already know me, good news, I am still the same.
As some of you already know, and the new ones will learn, I come from a very far place,
beyond the human being. This intrigues me and urges me to look for my origin. It must be written somewhere, it may be in some piece of paper, some hidden object must have the clue…’
This time, I want to explore where I come from through origami, (the art of folding paper),
to look for that door I had come through to reach this beautiful planet.’

As Pablo Neruda, Nobel laureate for literature have said: ‘We were naked. All of us came from the same site. All of us came of man and of woman. All of us had hunger and ready teeth. To all us grew the hands and the eyes for work and desire of what exists.’

Vulva is that door; please accompany me to explore the pain and joy that door has
experienced through human history for us to be here…

Jaime sometimes Pedro

Fred Apps

Fred started drawing seriously from about eight, copying pictures from the Beano and other comics. There was no tradition of art in Fred’s family (father was a bricklayer) or at the school. Artist went to Medway College of Art then advertising and working on children’s book illustration, so he have spent most of his life in the commercial side of art. I have never been able to imagine doing anything except art. Brushes, paint, paper, canvas, ink, it is a world he have always loved.
Fred’s works were exhibited at Plaistow library for 2 weeks from 28th of October 2017. Visitors had an opportunity to see range of watercolour pictures of people seen around the borough. As the artist cycles and walks around he sees all sorts of interesting people and when he gets home quickly does watercolour pictures of what he have seen. This exhibition is a few of the results.
Also some paintings of Queens Market and some Epping Forest scenes, plus some paintings which express Fred’s ideas. Series of half an hour pictures which for a while he did at the end of every day.

Indra Gavenaite

Indra Gavenaite is active member and co-funder of Floating Artland Collective. She was opening her home space used for living and art creation for the public. It is the space where her art work has been born in the last one year. Ink drawings and illustrations were represented for this special event.
The art is meditation, self release, healing, another mean of the communication. Because sometimes some things can not be expressed by words. Words are not sufficient, sometimes they are too rough and they are not enough.
The art is also the diary. The moments and the characters are improvised and recorded as they are seen and felt by the artist. It is personal but at the same time it is open dialogue with everyone. The artwork is successful when it raises more interpretations and people perceive new ideas.
Even the ones that the artist hadn’t thought before.
In some or another way the style of artistic expression is build on experience and cultural background. The most influential year in life is the childhood, although the collective memory is being built constantly through the life. For Indra the most of the influences comes from Lithuania as a childhood country, then the travels to various countries in Europe, South America and Asia, subcultures and now London as an adopted home city.

Lizia Woolf

LiziaWoolf was representing unique and very personal exhibition. Visitors had the opportunity to experience artist’s journey from art to activism. It is ongoing history how artists became aware about women rights, political and environmental issues, how she have joined voluntary and activism groups. Artist’s story is expressed by netting,
crochet and macramé.
Born in Malaysia and raised in London, her cultural identity is constantly shifting. History, art and culture are intrinsically linked and there is much to be explored in the intersections.
She is inspired by the humble who let anything but words speak for itself, seeking to tread the line between paying homage to tradition and chasing the cutting edge of the future.
Learning is an adventure and one that never ends. She is currently exploring her physical and spiritual world through yarn and her work features techniques such as crochet and macramé.
Lizia desires to reflect her internal environment in her external surroundings.
“I am a work in progress.
Aren’t you?”

Marcelo Rodriguez

Marcelo Rodriguez is active member and co-funder of Floating artland. On Open Studios day he represented his studio/home space and selection of acrylic on paper paintings.
Art of Marcelo is a trance of colours and shapes, very influenced by Latin American contemporary painters and Andean textile colour, compositions and settings. They involve narrative in a metaphysical dimension, in which fast moves and frozen frames coexisting in combined balance. Such a relation of shapes and colours create multi dimensional-surreal escapes. Stories that want to exist, characters that want to live and maybe reflect artist inner fears and joys.
The latest works are approach to abstract painting, but the inner narrative still persist on colours and metaphysic atmosphere.
Artist enjoys to experiment with colours as it is a form of visual heritage. Artist originally coming from Bolivia which generally has very colourful culture. High variety of textiles, rich landscapes and people gives an immense share of colour and artistic inspiration.

Suzan Ipeklioglu

Suzan Ipeklioglu inspiration comes from her mixed family background, travels and from everything she sees and feels. Suzan fell in love with the clay in early teens in Turkey but didn’t have the chance to get hands dirty until she came to London and had enrolled to a part time pottery course. Since then she have dedicated all free time to the pottery and recently opened her studio in Plaistow.
Suzan loves taking pictures, capture the objects and moments that later inspire her pottery. With the sculptural work artist tries to catch the colours of the nature by experimenting mix of mat and shiny glazes. Sometimes the essence of the clay and nature is caught by leaving the pieces of the clay without glaze.
Suzan was inviting to her studio in Plaistow at Applecarts which is creative hub. It is also community centre that aims to reach across cultural divides and tell stories which engage, inspire and entertain the audiences.
As part of the artists community within Applecart Suzan is offering pottery workshops and courses to the local residents of Newham. The kiln is also could be used at the studio. The pottery classes of hand building techniques are available for up to 10 people. The pottery wheel experience classes are catered to smaller groups up to 4 people. The studio is also available to hire as a shared space for more experienced potters. Recently it have been also introduced children and adult pottery parties to the list of upcoming events by Suzanart Pottery.

Steve Marriott at Rosetta Arts

Cody Dock

This project was funded by Newham Council and supported by Plaistow Community Neighbourhood