Floating Artland Collective organised 3 community workshops in South Plaistow. Everyone was welcome to join in building the sculptures from recycled materials together with cutting edge 360 degrees filming to document the process. Workshop participants were also able to try 360 filming themselves. Built sculptures were presented on the day of Plaistow Festival, 23rd June 2018 together with the final workshop where festival participants also could join to creative process. Recycled material were used to pay attention to re-usage, recycling and environmental issues. This was a creative experiment to look at certain objects, such as rubbish, from a different angle and have fun.

The workshops were be led by 4 artists Marcelo Rodriguez, Indra Gavenaite, Teresa Bartaseviciute and Fabiola Retamozo. The project supported by Plaistow South Big Local.

Some artworks made by participants

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