Dont give a fuck workshop.

New years resolution workshop


All expressions about ‘I don’t give a fuck’. Explosions and expressions about it all. Encouragement for people to express the emotions about what they giving a fuck too much, and what they shouldn’t. The goal is to provide perfect environment for expression and community feeling.

Personalise about what each of us don’t want to give a fuck.

Write the things and statements on the paper, discuss them, invite the people to discuss about it.

For the second part we will discuss opposite reality about not to give a fuck. We will employ the theatrical performance for this radical statements.

Basic plan for the workshop:

1.Why its important Not to give a fuck. Just dont give a fuck!

  • what kind of thinks you dont want to give a fuck?
  • how you dont want to give a fuck
  • how will benefit the whole world not to give a fuck.

2. Do not pay too much attention about unnecessary things.

  • To little details about the stuff that nobody notice.
  • About things that doesn’t deserve to be worried about.

3. What happens when people dont give a fuck and you dont give a fuck following.

  • Some examples why you dont give a fuck. The result.
  • When you want people give/not a fuck but they dont.
  • What the difference between respect and dont give a fuck.

4. You should at the end give a fuck about something.

  • Bad examples of dont give a fuck
  • Respect is the most important.

The workshop will be accomplished with performance parts, people participation into discussion. We will try to touch good and bad parts of ‘I don’t care’ concept. The event will have to be completely interactive.