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Floating Artland Collective is on the mission again to define its music and its expressions Pure sounds, words and visions as it comes No producers No guidelines No…


A sophisticated racoon in the floating sunset band

 A sophisticated racoon in the floating sunset  is a experimental-ghotic-blues-rock-and-roll-avant garden-grounch-retro-cumbia-shit core-metal band based in London that includes poetry, contemporary performance , spoken word and theatre in its…


The dust

The dust sometimes covering my head And forgetfulness brings the happiness The wheels of the city grinding the day The inhalation of the last oxygen And forgetting how…

Afternoon talks: Julius L. and Teddy B.


Memoirs of Maqroll the Gaviero

The adventures and desventures of Maqroll the Gaviero

Memoirs of Maqroll the Gaviero, Acrylic on paper A2, 2017   Maqroll the Gaviero is a adventure character created by the Colombian writer Alvaro Mutis, a man that…

indra gav

Suzan Ipeklioglu at Open Studios Day

Suzan Ipeklioglu inspiration comes from her mixed family background, travels and from everything she sees and feels. Suzan fell in love with the clay in early teens in…

steve marriott

Steve Marriott with Rosetta Arts at Open Studios Day

Steve works incorporates scenes and images from some of the movies within the horror genre that have had a personal and profound resonance in my consciousness.  In most…


Marcelo Rodriguez at Open Studios Day

Marcelo Rodriguez is active member and co-funder of Floating artland. On Open Studios day he will represent his studio/home space and selection of acrylic on paper paintings. Art…


Lizia Woolf at Open Studios Day

Lizia Woolf is representing unique and very personal exhibition. Visitors have the opportunity to experience artist’s journey from art to activism. It is ongoing history how artist became…


PEDRO AGUAYO at Open Studios Day

Jaime Hoyos introduces and represents himself and his origami art at his house at Barking road: ‘Hi, to those of you who do not know me, let me…