We are a multidisciplinary art collective based in London. We create and experiment with poetry, dance, theatre, performance art, conceptual and visual arts. We believe in independent creativity, experimentation, and playfulness. We create original stories while also being interested in the stories of others meaning we are all inclusive, often immersive and constantly growing and evolving as a collective by engaging and collaborating with different kinds of artists and people from all walks of life. We experiment with concepts and spaces, and enjoy breaking boundaries, questioning societal conventions and provoking thought. Our collective has participated in various community and art festivals, delivered art workshops and organised exhibitions.

Our goal – to make the world better with art, express ourselves and have a conversation with the world through art. We invite our audiences to reflect on the world they live in through a playful yet provocative manner. Our performances are abstract, surrealistic and often have hidden narratives inciting the spectator to think and interpret. We write our own music, spoken word, choreography, poetry, and songs so our performances can best be described as independent musical theatre.

indra (2)

Indra Gavenaite

Visual artist and performer. Indra is experimenting with theatrical art, poetry, music and illustration. Inspired by modern art, avangard and everyday life.


Marcelo Rodriguez

Marcelo's paintings are inspired by colorful South American art and music inspired by 90's grunge rock. Marcelo has music project called Lazarus.


Fabiola Retamozo

Fabiola's art practice focuses on sketching, painting sculpture, installation and collaborative art. Her work is influenced by artist like Paul Klee, Aboriginal art, Hundertwasser, Dali, the community art movement, architecture and sustainability. With her art she is trying to follow the tradition of art theory and looking to learn new skills.


Savita Vanessa Franklin

Swiss/American London Based Burlesque Artist, Dancer, Actress and filmmaker. In her stage acts she brings together an eccentric mix of Classic Burlesque, 70s circus flair exotica and belly dance with a touch of comedy.


Claudio de Marzo

Painter and musician. Claudio is also working on musical project Lazarus.